Housing: Not What it Used to Be

paperworkThe housing market has taken off like nothing else in the past few years. Of course, doesn’t affect me all that much- we paid off our mortgage twenty years ago, when the going was still good. Yep, those were the days when you could just stroll by a house you fancied and pick it up on your salary as a bike boy. They were like running water, almost! Now, it’s like all the walls are sprinkled with gold dust during construction…or there’s some magic fairy who comes along and does it if the area gets a bit posher. Madness, in many ways.

My wife was a property conveyancer in Melbourne, back before she retired to become a full-time nag. I might not have been in the job myself, but I saw all sorts! Back when she first started working, you’d have young couples pouring through the door, like getting a home was some kind of rite of passage. Couldn’t quite imagine a young, recently-married couple doing any renting. Just seems odd, thinking of it, though I’m sure some of them must have. It wasn’t the era of renting, you see. It was a time when conveyancers flowed like water. Yep, I bet there used to be a lot more of them before everyone started renting and things just got a bit complicated. You couldn’t go five steps in a town centre without coming across a conveyancer’s office. They were the superstars of the industry! Well, I suppose it’s just a bit more diverse now. Conveyancers are the elite rather than the norm. You know, I always used to tell Irma that she wasn’t special, with all her property transfer forms and bits of paper lying all over the house. She thought she was a rock star. Ha! She was dime a dozen. Not really sure why we got married.

What was I saying? Oh yes, conveyancing and such…well, I suppose they don’t have much to do with renting, so they’re sort of out of fashion in a way. Or just elite, like I said. But Melbourne isn’t as bad as most. You can always find a person to do your property transfers in Melbourne, if you care to look!