My daughter’s clever conveyancing

conveyancers based in MelbournePeople say that no mother has a favourite among her kids, but it isn’t true. Every mother has a favourite. In my case, I never did really like my daughter. My son has been trying at times but he’s still my son. He’ll always be my son. But my daughter on the other hand… From a young age I could tell she was manipulative. I never did trust her. Now that I’m in need of conveyancing in Melbourne, she’s trying to rip me off.

I first notices that Mary had these malicious traits was when she was a kid and I observed her playing with the other children. Somehow, she’d always manage to swindle them all. I’d look over, and the initially equal distribution of toys would suddenly be all piled up in front of her. Later, I realised this was no accident. So I decided to observe her in action, to see how she could achieve this. I watched as she would sweet-talk, deceive, trick and swindle the other kids. She was clever, I’ll grant her that much at least.

So now that I’m an old woman, she knows her inheritance is not far off, and yet she can’t wait. She can’t even wait a few more years for me to kick the bucket, she needs her inheritance now. She’s very sly and conniving in her modus operandi. What she did is told me that I could save tax if I sold her my house, so that she could put it under her self managed super fund. She told me I could continue living in it, it’d just be better for everyone if the title were under her name. Here I am thinking this is a good deal, next thing I knew she’s presenting me with a contract of sale and vendors statement. Only then did it hit me that she was duping me into handing over my inheritance early. And not just that but my beloved favourite son will subsequently miss out on his inheritance.