Fishing For Food

The fish just aren’t biting these days. I used to be able to feed myself for a week after just one fishing trip and now I’m struggling to get one meal’s worth of fish after a fishing day. I don’t know whether there are just less fish in the sea these days, whether my equipment isn’t working properly or whether I’ve lost my knack for fishing. Whatever it is that’s the problem, it’s making me go hungry.

When I first started noticing that I wasn’t catching as many fish as I was used to, I went to the local marine fabrication shop and asked for brand new bait boards. I thought maybe my bait boards were making my bait go off or something. Looking back, I know that sounds ridiculous. The issue is that I didn’t have any explanation as to why the fish weren’t biting. Why weren’t they taking the bait? I didn’t notice any change in the fish once I replaced the bait board. I did have a very shiny, new bait board though, which was nice.

When I got my bait board replaced, I was so desperate to fix my fishing issue that I also asked the marine fabrication shop to perform a boat catch installation. Local to Melbourne beaches, it’s really important to have a boat catch that is in optimal condition, otherwise, you could be in danger of losing your boat when it’s moored. If I lost my boat then I’d never be able to feed myself by fishing ever again. That would be a disaster, especially because I’m already going very hungry.

I’ll update you guys if I ever find out what is going on with the fishing in the Melbourne bay beaches. At the moment it seems like a hopeless situation and that the fish population has dropped to levels well below what we are used to… but I’ll let you know.