Thanking The Plumber

I feel like all my blog posts have been so somber recently. The world’s current events have just been really negative and with not much good out in the world, I struggle to project any good vibes out myself. 

I am actively trying to change this and to do so, I’m going to start writing a daily appreciation post on my blog. These posts can be about anything. I can acknowledge anyone in my life, whether I reminisce on something my parents did for me when I was young, thank the expert drain plumber in the Melbourne CBD for fixing my drains or just talk about something nice I did that day. I think by releasing more positive energy into the world I will help make it feel like a better place to live, even if at the moment it isn’t. 

Now that I’ve done the introduction, I want to make this post out to my drain plumber like I alluded to. I’m not sure what happened to the drains outside my house, but all this sewerage was coming out of it. You can imagine my disgust when I came outside and saw it, especially when I was already in a particularly bad mood that day.

Anyway, enough with the negativity. I called the drain plumber essentially straight away and he came the same day. He did all these cool drain camera inspections. In Melbourne these are apparently quite difficult to do because of old drains, but he did it like an absolute pro. He seriously made it look easy and then got to the bottom of the issue quickly. I know for a fact it would’ve been hard to do and hard to fix, and yet he did it.

Because of my drain plumber, the outside of my house is now fresh again. It’s also not a biohazard anymore, which is a big relief. There’s enough infectious diseases out there. I don’t want to get one out the front of my house.