Blocked Drain Arguments

My housemate is so gross! I thought living with guys would be chill, but turns out they’re fussier than us girls are! My housemate seriously had the audacity to sit us, three girls, down and tell us to put our wet strands of excess hair on the glass shower door/walls. How disgusting is that?! It’s old hair. It needs to go down the drain or it’s a health issue. I’d rather pay someone to deal with blocked drains close to Fairfield or the Melbourne CBD than touch my wet hair and put it on the shower screen. Some people are just so disgusting. 

I honestly think that I’m going to move out if he keeps harping on about this. Like, we live in an apartment block in the city. We answer to a body corporate. Our landlord pays for any maintenance that needs to be done. So why does this impact my housemate so greatly?

He’s been complaining about seeing black gunk come up through the drains and onto the tiles whilst he’s been showering. Obviously, that’s disgusting, but I’ve spoken to all my other household members and none of them have said the same thing. Could he just be trying to make us look bad? That’s not very good of him.

I’ve been thinking about it – I don’t think it should be my responsibility to move out because of this. If he has a problem with this again, I might tell him to either move out himself or actually get in contact with the landlord about the price of drain cleaning in the Melbourne CBD. That way my housemate will realise that we aren’t responsible for paying to get the drains fixed, replaced or repaired. If they’re clogged, it’s seriously not our problem. 

I guess there were always going to be teething issues when living with new people for the first time. I didn’t expect that I’d be a part of the problem though.