A Little Surprise in the Will

state planning lawyersThe family are going to be terribly surprised when they open up my will after I’m dead and gone. I’ve left them all a special something, of course, because they’ve been wonderfully adequate to me in my old age. But still…I have causes I’d love to support, and if it takes my death to give them a cash boost, so be it. There are Albajerian orphanages that need saving!

I made sure to check with multiple Melbourne estate planning lawyers that this was alright. They advised me to leave a bit more to my family, but I think they’ll understand. No one’s waiting for me to die so they can descend like vultures, and so far as I know I’ve still got a few years in me. No one even knows the contents of my will besides the solicitors, and that’s the way I’d like to keep things. These things shouldn’t be whipped out whenever you have company and you need something to show them while the carrots are boiling. That’s why I keep all those photo albums around, and I’m sure all my guests absolutely love looking at pictures of our family back when we were all young. So many lessons can be learned from the older generation, you know…

Oh, I haven’t put the albums in my will! Goodness, another trip to the estate planning lawyers is on the books, I think. Last one was only two weeks ago, when I realised that I’d said nothing about the Christmas decorations. Those things have been collected for years, some of them very rare and unique items, so not something you want heading off to the charity shop. The time before that I’d left out my drawer full of spoons from every country I’ve ever visited, besides the ones that don’t use spoons. Pretty soon I’ll be hunting for someone to help with the probate in Melbourne, one someone who can put up with me and my rapidly failing memory! So long as the house gets divided as well…that’ll still leave enough for the children.