The Marine Villain

You know, there are a lot of great movies in the Marble Cinematic Multiverse, but I think that Captain Ocean: The Marine Villain tops them all. It’s just such a great story about a man adjusting to a time that is not his own (Captain Ocean) and his best friend who has been completely brainwashed by the evil Russians seeking to take over the world. It’s a thrilling plot, complete with twists and betrayals that change the landscape (or should I say, water-scape) of the MCM forever. It’s just so unbelievably chilling when the Marine Villain, once known as the greatest villain to ever take his boat across the ocean, loses control over his actions because the Russians said his code words in quick succession: rod holder, stainless steel, marine, fabrication. Around Melbourne, everyone is in trouble after those words are uttered. Of course, it is up to the mighty Captain Ocean to save his best friend and the day.

Even though I know it’s a fictional story, I get kind of worried every time I take my boat out on the ocean. I won’t let that ever stop me, but the thought does give me chills every time. And every time I think of it, I have to wonder what I’d do if I couldn’t sail my boat. I suppose I’d get a boat catch installation and have someone drive my car around the streets, while I stand on my boat, pretending that I’m out on the salty seas.

I do wish that I could have the entire ocean to myself sometimes, so I understand the motives of the evil Russians in the movie. Maybe I should dress up as the Marine Villain and scare everyone off. Then I would have the waves all to myself. Then again, that could totally backfire if someone dresses up as Captain Ocean and comes after me.