commercial sheds

Holding on to your memories

Commercial shed TamworthOne of the interesting things about getting older is looking at just how many things you’ve managed to accumulate over the years. You can look at a piece of furniture you bought for your first apartment or the vase that belonged to your grandmother and see a wealth of history. Objects evoke memories like almost nothing else, almost as if they soak experience up as they live through it and then, once the moment’s passed, slowly release it back into the world whenever you’re looking at it. A problem with this that most older people face is how on earth do you throw something out that’s been embedded with a lifetime of memories? The short answer is that you don’t, so you end up having a lot of things in storage.

When my husband and I moved to Tamworth last year, we had a pretty huge problem with our storage. The property we were moving to didn’t have anything like a garage or anything similar, so instead we had to start looking for someone who builds storage sheds in Tamworth. Our daughter kept trying to persuade us to just sell some of our things, but I knew I could never let go of them. So we needed to find another alternative and I’m so thankful we did. The ability to move so many of our things across the state and into a safe location made the entire moving process just so much easier. Getting two commercial sheds from Tamworth set up on our property was far easier than I had anticipated and by the time the moving truck arrived at our new home, everything was well and truly sorted out. We even have enough room in our second shed to use it as guest accommodation if need be. We truly could never have asked for a better result than the one we got in the end.