Driving cross-country from Sydney to Perth seemed like a good idea. I mean, maybe it still is a good idea… it’s hard to say when you’re completely delirious from driving 48 hours straight with just a couple of in-car naps and endless packets of servo chips to tide you over. All I can say for sure is that taking a moment to stop and reassess the plan might be a good idea.


Now, what was the plan? That’s right – if I could cross the border into South Australia at the most north-eastern point possible, and then make way over to Adelaide from there… what was the point of all this, though? That’s right, I remember now. I was offered a free LPG car service near Perth at a garage where a friend of a friend of a friend is apprenticing.


Yes, I do realise that the amount I’m spending on petrol to drive there far outweighs the savings. I mean, obviously that’s the case. But this auto shop came so highly recommended, and it seemed like such a bargain… okay, I’m an idiot. I honestly had no conception of just how vast Australia is. I’ve only been here a couple of months, and haven’t left Sydney during that time, so I’m a novice when it comes to these wide open spaces.


I thought it might take a day’s driving, tops. I know, I know… I guess I just figured that maps were traditionally distorted or something. There’s no way an island could be that big. That was my thought process. Obviously, I should have checked it on Bongle Maps. Obviously, I should have asked around. And obviously, I should have done some preparations before driving across the desert. But I didn’t, so here we are.


One thing I did think to do was get a car aircon regas, so at least I’m not drowning in a pool of my own sweat while freaking out about my lack of water supplies. There’s sure to be a servo coming up any time now. I love that word…. “servo”… I can’t wait to use it back home in the states. If I ever make it back…