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My daughter’s brats

photobooth hireI always said that I’d never spoil my children. They had so much handed to them on a silver platter the last thing they need is more pampering. What can I say, I didn’t want to be responsible for contributing more self-entitled monsters to the world. Unfortunately, this ethos actually backfired when it came to my kids having their own little tackers. They’ve been lavishing their spawn with a surplus of material wealth that one can only call excessive. It recently culminated in the kids’ party to end all kids’ parties, including everything from candles to photo booth hire. Melbourne truly is full of quirky party supplies.

Recently my daughter organised a party for her ten year old which was the most extravagant thing I’ve ever seen for a ten year old. Here I am thinking, ‘Take her to a park with some friends and give her a chocolate mud cake with sprinkles,’ but what she had instore for her daughter was truly astonishing. She’d booked a great big green space and filled it with carnivalesque attractions – a jumping castle, performing clown and even a pony for riding. There was a barbecue, candy, cake, even shrimp, champagne and strawberries for the parents. I felt like I was at mardi gras. All the while, the spoilt little brat was bossing her friends around, crying whenever the whims struck her, and worst of all, being utterly cruel to her mother. What a little terror my daughter has raised!

One kudos I can give my daughter was her choice in
Melbourne photo booth hire. The kids had some good clean fun in there and I even found myself having a crack at snapping some selfies. It was certainly an amusing addition to the festivities. I can only hope my daughter learns her lesson after that day and sets some more boundaries so that her daughter grows up appreciating something – anything – in life.