anti wrinkle injections

My retirement: No complaints!

anti wrinkle injectionsI have to admit that I was fearing retirement. It’s supposed to be a time when people start to stagnate, dropping out of the careers which gave their life meaning, while their kids have moved on and they’re left at a nursing home to fade into oblivion. But times have changed, and these days retirement is more like being born again. At 70, I’ve still got a lot of energy and am looking forward to pursuing the things I didn’t have time for until now.

Another thing I didn’t learn is that if you feel old, you look old, and vice versa. A good friend of mine recently talked me into getting anti wrinkle injections. Bendigo and Melbourne clinics are extremely good at rejuvenating tired old skin. I was skeptical at first about getting collagen injections but my girlfriend coaxed me into it, and I was surprised by the result. After the anti ageing treatments, not only did I look and feel younger but I had a renewed zest for life. I think what did it was the boost it gave to myself esteem. It really takes you out of that mindset where you’re thinking, ‘I’m an old lass, I’m it would be silly for me to preen like a young woman, after all, my life is coming to an end’. It sounds horrible, I know but that’s how older women think, and that’s why they don’t get out enough and enjoy their retirement. The anti wrinkle injections improved my appearance yes, but they helped me realise that at this age I can still take pride in my appearance. I can still go out, learn new skills, enjoy life and I don’t have to stay at home alone with the telly like my parent’s generation used to do. You wouldn’t believe how transformative it was to get dermal fillers. Melbourne clinics can tailor the treatment to suit your individual needs. I’f you’re thinking of trying it, trust me, you’ll never feel better.  

So now I’m off to my life drawing class in Melbourne… but I won’t be holding the charcoal: I’ll be standing in the middle of the class!