Real Estate, but On the Moon

Melbourne buyers agentIf there’s one thing that we’ll definitely be needing on the moon, it’s real estate agency.

That’s not true at the moment, but one of the founding principles of Rainbow-Theta-Moon-Mind-Flow is that thinking can make things come true. In fact, it’s a massive feat of RTMMF that’s helping us to establish a moon colony in the first place. At every single one of our meetings, we’ve spent half-an-hour chanting a mantra: ‘oxygen is not the master of us. We need only the love of our fellow moon-folk to sustain us.’

I swear I can breathe more deeply now. It works!

Now, it might not SEEM like real estate will be such a big deal when we’re establishing a moon colony. Here in Melbourne, buyers advocates and conveyancers only exist because of the thriving housing situation, with people not able to scour the city by themselves. Work and such. Oh, the silly foibles that hold us so firmly to the ground! And yet, i feel like advocacy, conveyancing and estate agency are things that should not be tossed aside in our new kingdom. I’ve been to many housing conferences, and I’ve met many people in the industry, so I have a well-rounded knowledge of how it should all work. Perhaps this skill won’t be immediately useful in the early days of the colony, but eventually, people WILL be moving around and looking to use their moon medallions to purchase new property.

And then I will think back to the Melbourne suburbs property advocates, and use their example to fulfil my potential. That’s my mantra, anyway. I’m only one person, but over years, my Rainbow-Theta-Moon-Mind-Flow will build and come to life!