Taking Pics on the Family Holiday

Lorne apartmentsDoes the coast change? I’ll have to go on my new phone-tablet-electronic-thingy that my granddaughter set up for me and have a quick look, because I’ve been to Lorne a number of times over the years and I don’t remember it looking like this. Maybe it’s global warming, or…perhaps we were farther down the bay? Maybe that’s it. Oh, and then there’s my failing eyesight, of course!

It so lovely to be out and about with the family, though. So many of my former friends are locked up in homes and they never get to go out on holidays. True, I’ve kept in better shape than most of them and I try to keep up with what all the youth are into, but it’s still sad. And yet, here we are, back in a prime bit of Lorne accommodation like it’s fifty years ago and my own children are just learning how to walk. Frank would’ve loved this, I just know it.

At this rate I’m going to spend most of my time inside, however. This new tablet-phone-thingy is so complicated, I feel sure I’ll never get the hang of it. First thing to ask my granddaughter when they get back from the pizza place: how do I take pictures? Do I have to hold my eye up to the little lens, or is it done another way? We’re here in Lorne having a wonderful summer holiday, and that used to mean you just got on with it. Nowadays it’s all about having fun AND recording everything you do in picture format. I just got myself an Instant-Gram account, and while I haven’t the foggiest how to upload anything, I’m sure one of the grandkids will show me how. And I’ll take notes, because I won’t have them telling me over and over! I really do try to keep up to date.

So that’ll be a record of our holiday in Lorne, beach apartment and all. That’s what the young folks do nowadays whenever they go somewhere, isn’t it? Turn the camera round and take a picture of their surroundings, along with themselves.