The Greatest Hair

I like to think I turn some heads with my costume skills. ‘Controller Convention’ is coming up this year in Melbourne for the first time ever, and that’s THE biggest gaming convention ever, so this is going to be my big moment. I’m going to get photographed in a cool pose, end up on social media, and then I can be one of those people who is an ‘influencer’ for living, somehow. I don’t know how that works or how they get money, but I WILL find out. And it’ll b great…maybe.

I already know my costume as well: Snorer from ‘Bling Dem Tarts’. Although, awesome as that idea is…I’m gonna need some help with the hair. Like, Aveda hair salon help, because my hair has been my most constant foe in the battle of me looking awesome. It’s really tough and strong, and usually settles on one style, which is good for the day to day. I don’t have to worry about bad hair days; I just wake up, so what I always do and it’s fine. But dressing like a character? Nightmare.

Last time I went to Con-Con in Singapore, I had to visit a hair stylist recommended to me near where I live in Melbourne, and THAT wasn’t even a big job. I needed to make my hair straighter and a bit more reddish-brown, like Tara Soft in the ‘Cave Spelunker’ series, not a massive job, but it took my stylist a good while to wrangle my hair into that shape. That’s why I usually stick to characters near my style, but ‘Bling Dem Tarts’ is massive. Like, Over-Botch massive. This is my big chance, and I need my hair to be big and spikey just like Snorer’s. That’s gonna be the biggest job ever, so…I need the very best. Hair salons near the Melbourne CBD, come at me. Spike my hair, use as much product as possible. And in return, my hair will be ALL over social media, and we’ll all be rich and famous, probably!