A Uni Course for Personal Benefits

I’ve looked through the mission statements of several universities, and the general consensus seems to be ‘to better oneself’. A few of them mentioned bettering oneself to contribute to society, but not all of them. Plus I really think that a case can be made for my beauty generally making the world a better place. I beautify the world just by being in it. That’s pretty obvious.

That’s why I want to find myself a diploma in beauty therapy, preferably one that has hairdressing or some kind of specialist makeup on the side. People take courses for all kinds of reasons, right? You can’t say it’s always because of a job. I already have one of those, it involves scanning and photocopying in an air conditioned environment and I love it. No, I just want the makeup know how to really make myself look glam, every day, with ease. For too long I’ve laboured under the curse of being incredibly beautiful, but not having the makeup expertise to back it up. I was raised by a single Dad, it took me a while to develop my looks so girls at school didn’t generally hang out with me, and all of this combined to make my makeup process just that little bit harder than everyone else’s. There’s only so much I can learn by heading to Me-Straw and watching some videos from Broella. I NEED this course. It’s essential for my well-being, especially my mental well-being, the most important kind of well-being there could ever possibly be. Well, except for face-being. That one is SO important, Broella said so.

It’s not…selfish, is it? No, self-love is SO important, I read it on the internet. There are places in Brisbane offering makeup courses that I can jump into, and no one will judge me. No one should judge me. I mean, have you SEEN me? I can’t be judged. I’m too darn good-looking.