New-Fangled Videography!

Melbourne wedding videoBack when I was young, videos weren’t half of what they are now. And by that I mean anything you do with a video camera. Television, movies…um…advertisements! All of them seem so primitive. Back in my day, you’d go and check out the latest Aubrey Stepburn flick, and she’d be batting her eyelids and swooning, the handsome hero would have a terrible sword fight with a villain who had a giant mustache, and then everyone would laugh at the end. Seriously, so much laughter.

Things have changed in Melbourne. Wedding videography is the perfect example. I might not be able to get out of bed too often, but once those video people were done slicing and cutting and whatever it is they do when they’re in their studios, I was able to view my granddaughter’s wedding. Oh, what a sight! It played out just like a movie. There weren’t any cameras when I got married, just a harried photographer who kept tripping over the edge of the carpet. We didn’t get many good shots from him. My son’s wedding was filmed, but it’s a low quality business, nothing you’d want to pull out at any opportunity. Oh, it’s nice to see, and it’s always interesting to look at who was in attendance, what they’ve turned into and how many of them are dead. But this modern, recent, new-fangled videography business is like watching some kind of high-class advertisement for wedding planning, except for the fact that I knew most of the people in it.

All the dramatic camera angles, all those lovely titles…and it wasn’t like the camera just picked up the ceremony from start to finish. No, they made sure it was only the juiciest bits that made it in. Only the best for my Lacey! Golly, I should ask Albert if we can renew our vows, get one of those nice Melbourne wedding video folks in and have a lovely memento of the day. All my friends are dead, but it’s okay. I don’t miss most of them.