Artistic Office Design

They thought I was crazy when I said that I was going to start doing office design as an art. They said it couldn’t be done. Well, I have proved them wrong. I have turned this office into the greatest art project of all time!

Using entirely original ideas, all coming directly from my super-awesome artistic brain, I have made an office that looks like it could have come straight from a painting. The roof is simply stunning, painted in dark blue like some sort of starry night. It has a few big, artistic circles of white and yellow, which I suppose are like really big stars. I don’t know. I wasn’t really thinking when I was perfecting my Melbourne office design skills. 

There’s also this big green thing that really draws the eyes, painted onto the office walls. I’m not entirely sure what it is. Possibly a plant or a tree, but it is kind of warped and probably a bit too tall. I’ve also painted some buildings and mountains in the background. I’m really proud of this work, actually.

And I know that office design is about more than just painting the walls and ceilings. I also got some great commercial fitouts. Melbourne offices will be seriously jealous when they see how awesome this office is. Well, I suppose offices can’t get jealous, but the people in them will be jealous that they don’t work here.

I can’t believe I’ve actually pulled this off. This will really silence all my haters. Whenever I get hate comments on my blog or my video channel I’ll just reply that I am a successful office designer despite their best efforts to pull me down. Take that, mum! 

Now I just have to get out of here. I hope nobody moved the ladder from my entry window. It’s just a shame I don’t actually work in this office. I’d love to see the excited look on the employees’ faces when they see this beautiful office in the morning. 

– Aubrey