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Finding The Makeup Course Girl

courses for makeup artistsI recently had to play detective to track down someone I met at a friends wedding a few weeks ago. The thing with weddings is you meet so many people and have so many conversations it is hard to actually remember anyone’s name. What I did remember about her is she was wearing a red dress with a black floral pattern, she was somehow related to the bride and she had recently qualified for a diploma of specialist makeup services Melbourne.

I had been thinking of working in beauty therapy for a while, I was sick of the city and wanted to do something completely different, so when I met this woman I thought it was fate! We had a really lengthy chat about all things beauty and makeup, she told me about the courses she had completed which involved work placements at various facilities and some very interesting developmental studies.

I remember feeling really motivated after speaking to her and then when I got home I just couldn’t remember her name. I guess our animated chat was fuelled by several glasses of champagne. The bride and groom are still on their honeymoon and are on an extremely remote tropical island somewhere with no service so asking them for her name is out of the question! I have tried looking through the photos to see if I can spot her tagged anywhere but that was unsuccessful. I started to think I had completely imagined my beauty guru!

Then by a stroke of luck I happened to be browsing makeup artist courses online to see what would suit me best and I saw a picture of the most recent graduates, lo and behold, standing in the front row, the girl in the red and black dress! Turns out her name is Susan Stone, I managed to find her contact number and we have arranged lunch to discuss the makeup course!