laser hair removal

Is your skin too wrinkly for laser hair removal?

laser hair removalI hate getting old. On the inside I feel like a twenty-two-year-old spring chicken, but on the outside I look like a wrinkly old prune. My body can’t keep up with my spirit. I can’t wait til technology catches up with those of us who are young at heart so that we can get new ones…heart transplants, that is. Thankfully the world of cosmetic surgery is well advanced compared to the meager advancements of modern medical surgery.

As I got older, my hair got white and my eyebrows faded away. I was nearly fraught with disappointment and shame. I thought I could never go out again and would have to spend my elderly years hiding from the world (Do you have any idea how weird people look without eyebrows?) That was until I discovered the best eyebrow tattooing Melbourne has to offer. The girls at the clinic are true artists. Not only did my eyebrows look realistic, they looked even better than the originals! I knew I’d be going back, I just wasn’t sure what for.

You’d think that after looking all my eyebrow hair that I wouldn’t be having troubles with excess hair at this age, right? Wrong. Ever see those old men with bald heads and yet they’ve got long curly neck hair poking out of their shirts. IT’s the same for women – well similar. When you get older, you still get those stubborn hairs in all the wrong places. Now that I’m living off my super, I’ve got a fair bit of disposable income and for the first time have been able to afford laser hair removal. Melbourne clinics have top of the range laser machines these days, and they were even able to work around my wrinkly skin. I was worried for a minute that they’d send me back home with my overgrowth in tact, but fortunately they made my wrinkly legs silky smooth… kinda.