My beautiful old house

blocked drain MelbourneIf there’s one thing I can’t stand about this beautiful old house I live in, it’s the ridiculous amount of maintenance that’s required to keep it up and running. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll always be grateful to that young couple I bought it off. They took a stunning place in an area I love and renovated the daylights out of it. The house is now beautifully modern and much easier to live in, but you can never quite rid an old place like this of its quirks. If I decide to move again, I would like to have a small, very modern, very new apartment that has absolutely nothing wrong with it from the get go.

That being said, there are, in reality, very few things wrong with this place. But at my age, even the smallest of problems becomes almost impossible to deal with.

Last week, for example, on of the drains got all blocked up or some nonsense. I wasn’t sure for a while what on earth was wrong with it, so after a couple of days or of poor drainage, I decided to call my son to get him to have a look at it all. When he had a look it at, he said the problem was quite simple – that it was just a blocked drain. Melbourne houses, particularly old ones like mine, get drainage blocks all the time, and so it was nothing really to worry about as long as I could get a plumber out.

Of course, he called one of the best plumbing services Melbourne has to offer to come and have a look at it right away. A really friendly young man we’ve used several times before and who never disappoints. The problem was, thankfully, one that was easily fixed. I can’t help feeling that this endless cycle of things that can go wrong is all just a bit too much for me these days. Perhaps, instead of an apartment, I should be looking at a new Home.