From Wood to Aluminium

aluminium platform

It boggles the mind, the sorts of things that kids these days are coming up with. First we get all sorts of new phones. Just as I get used to the way mine flips up, and how to answer calls, they move onto those touch screen doohickeys. Still trying to figure those silly things out, if I ever do.

Things used to be so much simpler. I worked as a painter, and I went to work every day on the tram. People sat there, talked to each other, read the newspaper or just stared out the window. I walked to work, we got our wooden platforms out (no custom aluminium work platforms in those days!) and we just got on with our work.

Maybe that’s what people do today, and I can’t see through the haze of technology. That must be it, because there are still painters, and they still work on work platforms. Except sometimes I see them on a break, and they’re sitting up there on their touch screen doohickeys. What can you even do with those things, anyway? Surely there can’t be as much information on there as everybody thinks? Not as much as a newspaper.

So while I can keep up with the material of the work platforms changing (what’ll it be next? Some kind of space metal?), it’s the more complex technological things that really make the world more complicated. I can’t even remember what me and my painter buddies used to talk about, even though there seemed to be nothing much in the way of conversation. We didn’t watch movies very often, no internet, didn’t really read, did most of the same things every day. Hmm…maybe we talked about the amazing work platforms of Australia 50 years in the future. At least we got an answer to that!