The Humiliation of Window Envy

Is there anything more exhausting than keeping up with the Joneses? First-world-problems, they say. I say it doesn’t matter what world you live in, if your home is slightly behind everyone else’s. People will still whisper, they’ll still talk behind your back and that’s obviously the worst thing of all. Worse than hunger, worse than an elephant trampling through your village, worse than anything. If only an elephant could’ve come charging through on Saturday afternoon when the cross-stitch girls were round and they were all giggling about how my curtains were getting a bit frayed at the edges.

It’s not just the curtains. I need new windows, not these boring panes without so much as a single flourish. I hear sash window replacement in Melbourne is taking off like nobody’s business, but the extra expense…is it worth it? According to Window Magazine Monthly, sash windows are the most elegant choice for a sophisticated household that wants to add that delicate touch. Oh, I SO want that delicate touch, but I’m worried that it’s going to clash with the oaken feel I have going in the kitchen. Sash windows might fit in the lounge, but then those windows don’t look out onto the garden, and that’s where I most often entertain guests. The lounge is sparsely-used, funnily enough. Maybe that’s because of the lighting; it’s not so good in there, so replacement windows would be pointless. Oh, life is hard! Hard and cruel! It’s not like any of us have a choice though right? I mean we have to do the best we can to live our best life and that’s exactly what I intend to do.

Well, I’ll need to be making a decision sometime soon. I need to be with the times in Melbourne. Sash window repairs and replacements come highly-recommended by Window Magazine, and I can’t stand another cross-stitch get-together. The giggling still keeps me up at night.