Emergency Suspension Service

I’m on my way to get a promotion! I’ve been at my job almost two years now, and I’m finally being promoted from a junior to a mid-level employee. It’s about bloody time. Even with my slight anger at my higher-ups for delaying this meeting for so long, I’m very happy that it’s finally happening!

I just need my car to make it to the office. I haven’t driven it in like a month because I’ve been working from home and have had no reason to leave the house. Now that I’m driving it though, it’s certainly struggling. I always thought that having to turn your car on every once in a while to turn the battery on was an old wives tale, but now I’m thinking that it might actually be true. 

I’m trying to ignore the noises my car is making as I drive down the highway. I’m not going more than eighty kilometres per hour, but my car is making such worrying noises that it’s making me concerned that I need an emergency suspension service. In Cambridge, you often see people meeting with bosses before doing anything else. If I don’t get to that meeting and get my promotion, I’m not going to be able to afford a suspension service. 

Oh no! My car has completely broken down. I’m still a fifteen-minute drive from work, and now I’m not going to make it to my meeting in time. I’ve called my bosses and told them what happened, and they agreed to postpone my meeting until after I’ve gotten a car service close to Cambridge. So I’m now sitting on the side of the road waiting for the mechanic to come and fix my car. Hopefully, he gets it fixed before the end of the day so that I can still get my promotion today.