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What form of transport should you get at your wedding?

limo hire MelbourneI’ve been running my own hair and makeup business for about 30 years now and let me tell you, working for yourself is hard work. You think you’re going to cut out all of the mean bosses from your life and start working from home but on the contrary, you have to deal with fastidious demanding clients. Since I’ve been working for myself, my clientele base has steadily grown and now includes some interesting work. Recently I did hair and makeup for a wedding and for once, it was actually fun and the clients didn’t complain!

The day of wedding started off rather tensely for the bridal party . They were all excited but nervous too, and I tried to ease the tension by doing my job really well, listening to their requests carefully, and providing emotional support as much as I could. I had to get their hair and makeup done before the car arrived because they’d got Melbourne stretch limo hire. I was so exciting when, with her makeup complete and her face looking stunning, the bride got into that glamorous white stretch limo.

Aside from doing work from home, I love doing hair and makeup for wedding. Limo hire in Melbourne city is such a good idea for weddings, I think. Some people like to get old fashioned cars or even the horse and cart thing, but I think limo hire is the best. Who wants to be sitting behind a smelly horse on their wedding day? I’d much rather a luxurious limousine ride. 

Obviously I didn’t stick around for the rest of the day but I heard that it was a great event and the bride loved her hair and makeup. When she next came in to get her regrowth done, she showed me photos from the day. I even had a tear it my eye, it was so beautiful.