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Worst tenants ever

timber window repair MelbourneMelbourne is one of those cities where landlords tend to cop a lot of flak while tenants can get away with anything. But this is totally unjust. In many cases, landlords have worked hard to buy themselves properties, so if they’re reaping the rewards of their labour then these riches are well-deserved. In just as many cases, tenants are lazy oafs, that’s why they can’t afford to own properties of their own. Get off your behinds and do something, I say!

I do realise this is a generalisation and isn’t true in all cases, but it has been true in my experiences as a hardworking landlord who has had to deal with greedy, destructive and unscrupulous tenants. For example, I recently had to call a company for timber window repair. Melbourne properties are usually fitted with good window frames but the tenants at this property I own were carving away at the seal (no idea why!) and so I had to deal with the damaged window. Fortunately, the window replacement company were able to come over and do a quick job for a good price.

And that’s not the only pain in the backside those tenants have caused me. Once they tore up all the carpet and sawed through the floorboards of the bedroom, apparently in the process of building a hydroponics lab. Another time they tried to skip the country without paying the rent. Thank goodness for the rental ombudsman. Although the window replacement ordeal was an inconvenience, at least it gave me the idea for my own place to install some nice new aluminum windows. Melbourne high rises can get dusty and they say aluminium is a breeze to clean. But that’s pretty much the only good thing that has come out of having tenants… aside from the money of course. I really have little respect for tenants as people.