A Sustainable Utopia

I really feel like we should be living in a utopia by now. Sometimes, it feels more like a dystopia. For one thing, I just found out that the Tasmanian tiger has been extinct for over eighty years! How did we let this happen? If only we had this incredible society where nothing ever goes wrong, with self-driving cars, clean energy and happiness everywhere. I just can’t believe that humans worked out how to blow up cities before we figured out a way to stop animals from going extinct. It’s just wrong! That’s why I’m switching to solar power for my business as soon as possible. If I want a utopia, I need to do my part to build it. I’ve started out by getting commercial LED lighting for businesses installed because apparently, that is much better for the world. I’ve got solar panel installation organised for next week, as well. If only everyone else would get on board.

I feel like making my business go solar is a great start, but I could be doing so much more. If only there was a way I could force everyone else to embrace sustainability. We could definitely build a utopia by force, and if anyone isn’t okay with that, I’d just have them… exterminated. But it’s not like I have the power to do that. I barely have the power to get commercial battery storage for my branch of the company without asking the CEO. Not that he’s ever stepped foot in our building.

If I want to build a utopia, I’d probably have to get into the political game. That said, sustainability is very popular at the moment, so if I ran with that as my platform, I think a lot of people would vote for me. But Victoria just recently had an election, so there isn’t another one due for a few more years. Do I bide my time, or do I do something about it now?