Retail store windows

I’m the owner of a large retail store in Melbourne’s CBD. I don’t mean to brag but it honestly is one of the largest stores in all of Melbourne. When I say that, I’m not talking just about its physical size. I’m talking about the name it has globally, we have people all over the world come to visit this store. We have one of the highest gross profits of all the high-end retail stores ever and I am so proud considering me and my family came from such humble beginnings. Part of running a successful business is being open to more ideas to make the business better. Over the years we’ve refurbished the location, changed our layout and the overall vibe of the store. Last year we had these large windows fitted and I found they did wonders for bringing in more foot traffic. The only issue with such large windows is that they let in a lot of sun which then brings heat into the store. On top of that, I also worry that too much sun exposure could bleach some of the items we stock. This is why I think it is important for us to look into commercial glass tinting for Melbourne businesses to help soften the rays.

I know there are a few companies that do glass tinting, but my store and brand is premium quality. I don’t want to hire a company that says they do glass tinting but it turns out that they’re only familiar with tinting glass for residential properties. We have three really tall windows that are also very wide. In fact, most of our front wall is glass. It’s going to be a big area to cover so I want to make sure we get someone who is a professional in commercial tinting. I’m hoping the process doesn’t mean we need to quit trading for a day. I don’t think it will, but then again I also have no idea how the process works.