Running is dangerous

Well, it’s confirmed. Running is dangerous. I’ve hated running for the last twenty-five years. I don’t know why I thought it was a good time to start now! I guess a big part of it was that I kept seeing all these extremely slender and athletic girls on social media that I felt pressured to tone up. I’m not an overweight person by any means, I’m actually quite thin but I definitely do think at times that I could be doing a lot more to make myself more athletic. Well, I tried and failed. I went on an early morning run the other week and as I was stepping off a curb to cross the street I wound up stepping on my shoelace and tripping. As I did this I really hurt my ankle and haven’t felt walking, let alone running, ever since. I’ve currently got all the symptoms of Achilles tendonitis. These symptoms include pain and stiffness along the tendon, swelling at the back of my heel, tenderness, and limited motion of range in my ankle. I’ve been applying ice daily and trying to not put too much pressure on my ankle but I really do think I have done some damage.

Of course, all my friends and family suddenly hold imaginary medical degrees and are telling what they think I’ve done to my foot and what I can do to treat it. Admittedly, I just humour what they’re saying while I wait for my appointment with a real podiatrist. Cheltenham has a  clinic that is about ten minutes from my house so I have elected to take a day off in a week’s time and will pop in. I’m really hoping that this is something that can be fixed with an ankle brace and some basic ankle rotation exercises. I cannot be bothered taking time off for surgery and then having to spend days to weeks recovering.