bathroom renovations

Fantastic Laundry Renovation

The bathroom is perfect! I am so glad I went with my gut and decided to get the bathroom renovated instead of the kitchen. I’m sure the kitchen would’ve been great but we didn’t need it renovated like we did the bathroom. It seriously was a health hazard and we were using up too much space that could’ve been used for other things like a new laundry! Renovations in Melbourne are expensive and so I wanted to get a bang for my buck. 

How did I do that? I worked with the bathroom designer to design a space that incorporated laundry facilities too. That way we could then turn our laundry into a third toilet. I think it was a stroke of genius on my part, and I was very glad that the bathroom designer agreed and was happy to help. 

I’ll admit, I was nervous to see my daughter’s reaction because I knew how against the bathroom reno she was. But she loved it too! I could tell by her face when she first saw the space. She was trying not to let on how much she loved it. I felt a wave of happiness with a hint of smugness wash over me. I knew I was making the right choice. She hasn’t come right out and told me how much she loves the bathroom yet, but I can see on her face she’s going to tell me very soon.

I wish I had enough money to be able to get kitchen designers in for a kitchen renovation. If I had all the money in the world I’d upgrade our house ten times over, but unfortunately, that’s not how the world works. I’d love to have a kitchen that has a fridge in it, but I think upgrading our bathroom, toilet and laundry is smarter than just renovating the kitchen to be able to move the fridge.