Impossible Solar Change

My brother’s presentation yesterday was so awkward. I tried to excuse myself before it happened so that I didn’t have to sit down for two hours listening to him go on and on about the sun, but my parents didn’t let me. They made me sit there and pretend to look interested because that’s what they had to do. They said I have to support him because he’s my twin brother and that if we don’t support him no one will. So I sat there and half-listened to him whilst texting my boyfriend the whole time.

I could tell that my parents felt uncomfortable during the presentation. The presentation was literally about how our business is killing the planet using the power that we currently do. He then tried to get them to change to these solar product solutions that, in his opinion, would make us better people. My parents can’t do that though because they are already locked into these electricity deals with the big companies. They weren’t aware of the power of solar when they agreed to these deals and I know they feel bad about it, but there’s nothing they can do now. Which has made them feel worse.

I was genuinely relieved when my brother finally finished his presentation. I left straight away and heard my parents mumble something being unable to do it but wishing that they could. I felt sorry for them. I also felt sorry for my brother because I could tell that he was getting more and more disheartened as the presentation went on. I could also tell that he thought he had us when he said we could get a solar lease agreement. His voice cracked when my parents said nothing and I could tell that he wanted the presentation to be over just as much as we did.

Last night was a really terrible experience and I hope we don’t have any more of them any time soon.