Regular car service

After a recent argument with my parents about who was to use which car, I decided it was time for me to have my own car so I can take it whenever I want. I looked at a few different makes and models, and was ultimately wanting to purchase a sedan due to it having bigger boot space. Hatchbacks are really deceiving! They look like they’d fit a lot but the reality is that they’re actually very cramped and can only fit items of a certain size. Well, somehow in my search I got super lucky and found an amazing car for an affordable price. This car only had one woman owner who would only drive the car a couple of times a week when running errands. It even came with a logbook servicing history. 

My friend, who knew I was looking to buy a car, recommended that I always get a car that has a traceable history of what issues the car has had, how many times it’s been serviced and where it has been serviced. I’m glad that I have this documentation as I feel I know the entire car’s history and I won’t be met with many unsuspecting surprises. I was surprised by one minor detail and that was the fact the logbook reported that the car had been serviced by a mechanic near Milperra. This was super helpful to know as it was a mechanic that is near me so I might even keep taking the car there for consistency. I haven’t told my parents just yet that I’m buying this car. For some reason, I feel nervous telling them, and I’m no good with nerves! When I get nervous my whole stomach starts doing butterflies. The sooner I tell them the sooner I will be able to relax. I just don’t know how to start this conversation. Wish me, luck guys!